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November 22, 2013 By: Menezes George Category: Uncategorized

I must apologise to all my steadfast readers
I was disabled for over 3 months after a fall in Goa. I am well now. In the meanwhile my latest book has been released. It is called “The Naked Liberal” and is my biography edited and annotated by BBC London Writer and historian, Selma Carvalho. The first print of 500 copies was sold at the launch in Mumbai in October
It will now be released at the prestigious Goa Literary Festival in Goa in DEcember
God bless you all

My problems with corruption in Paris

November 13, 2011 By: Menezes George Category: Uncategorized

Three years into our marriage we had planned to take a trip to Srinagar and enjoy a second honeymoon on a houseboat. That was not to be. Air Headquarters informed me that I had been posted to the Indian Embassy in Paris as Assistant Air Attaché for a period of four years (more…)

Cambridge, A Place to Die For

October 17, 2010 By: Menezes George Category: Uncategorized

Members of my family, especially my two dear sisters, are always amazed at my meticulous planning and the organized orderliness of my home and my paperwork. (more…)

Fare thee well, “Old Girl”

February 07, 2010 By: Menezes George Category: Uncategorized

Today I am a wordsmith without my ammunition of words. That is the fate of

Writers experiencing loss and unbearable grief.

I am haunted by a hundred questions. Is it too early to write this? Is it too late?

Should I write about it at all? Should I share with my readers something that is so

private and personal ? The triumphant return of my old girl to a place of eternal

peace and serenity in the midst of the silence of green pastures; broken only by the

sound of running brooks?

I know only one thing with certainty. I must write or I will die! (more…)

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